Top Victorian Steampunk Costumes for Women


Top Victorian Steampunk Costumes for Women
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Top Victorian Steampunk Costumes for Women might combine graceful Victorian fashion, with its whalebone corsets, buttoned-up high heeled shoes and some lacy stockings worn with ruffled taffeta skirts along with a bit of dark Halloween imagery borrowed from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, and a little fantasy from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, which I think is pretty cool. You throw in a pair of round goggles and soon you might feel as though you could be piloting a dirigible or racing a horseless carriage,  but in the present time. Typical Victorian steampunk costume accessories might include pocket watches on a chain, silver snuff boxes, and bronze gears on a necklace. It’s like H.G. Wells’ famous time-travel tale of the Victorian era, The Time Machine, but modern, too.

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 What Exactly is Steampunk?

Steampunk derives its style from a blend of old Victorian elegance, gothic fashion, and  the mechanical imagery of anachronistic steam-powered contraptions like airships and submarines with antique clock parts, gears, and gauges. The roots of steampunk style lie in the visions of futuristic science fiction authors such as Jules Verne and brought into the new millenium by Jonathan Barnes, Cherie Priest, and others. The term “steampunk” seems to have been coined by science fiction author K.W. Jeter in 1987. Jeter declared: “Personally, I think Victorian fantasies are going to be the next big thing…” and speculated that it would be based on the technologies of the Victoria era of the 1890s.

 Choose Your Own Victorian Steampunk Costume Look

I’ve listed a few of my very favorite Victorian steampunk costumes for women along with accessories. Based on these suggestions and your own flair, you’ll be able to design just the right Victorian steampunk look for you this Halloween.

 Steampunk Renegade Adult Costume for Women Brocade Steampunk Boned Corset with Chain Stud  Steampunk Victorian Mini Top Hat Steampunk Victorian Antique Charm Pendant  Forum Novelties Steampunk Thigh High Boot Tops Forum Novelties Steampunk Fingerless Gloves 

Steampunk meets Sci-Fi

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If you have ever seen the science fiction movie of the 1960s, “A Clockwork Orange,” you remember the how Malcolm McDowell portrayed Alex, an evil but dapper Victorian gentleman in a futuristic sci-fi context. Now there is even a cool Clockwork Orange costume for women, too. Don’t forget one set of false eyelashes for your right eye!




Clockwork Orange Fancy Dress Costume Women’s

What's Your Top Steampunk Accessory?
  • Steampunk top hat and goggles
  • High-heeled boots
  • Whalebone corset
  • Pocket watch with chain
  • Antique bronze gears.
  • High heeled laceup boots

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